Annual News Letter

Make bill paying hassle-free with Automatic Direct Pay

Direct pay is a convenient electronic alternative from writing paper checks. This method allows BCWD #1 to collect a preauthorized amount from your checking account. Instead of mailing a payment every month, your bank will pay the bill electronically on a predetermined date. It is that easy! You can benefit from this convenient service by saving time preparing payments, saving money on postage, check fees, and ELIMINATING CHANCES OF LATE PAYMENTS. Getting started for this service is easy. All you need is a checking account with a financial institution that handles electronic banking. With Direct Pay, your water bills are paid on time when you are on vacation or busy with the kids. Stop by or give us a call today to get started. You can also pay your bill on-line at:


Shutoff notice

For those customers whose service is shutoff for non-payment, remember that a lock off /reconnect charge must be paid in addition to all outstanding amounts due. The lock off/reconnect charge is $75.00 during regular working hours (from 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.), and $100.00 after hours, on weekends or holidays. If the serviceman has left the office enroute to the home or business to shutoff the service, even if the bill is paid at that time, it is still considered late and the lock meter charge has to be collected. Please be aware that when service is cut off and someone tampers with the meter or meter box a Tampering Fee will be assessed.

This equipment belongs to BCWD # 1. If any customer needs assistance with turning the water service off for plumbing problems, we will come out during regular working hours at no charge. For more than 2 repeated service calls, there will be a service charge of $25.00 per trip. After hours and weekends, the charge is $45.00.


Billing Periods

Bills will be sent out on, or before the 1st day of each month. All bills will be due by the close of business on the 10th day of each month. If the 10th falls on a weekend or holiday, the bill will be due by the close of the next business day. Bills not paid by the due date will be considered past due and a late penalty shall be applied. If the gross bill is not paid by the close of business on the 20th day of each month, unless the 20th falls on a holiday or weekend, then the close of the next business day, water service shall be disconnected and a reconnection fee shall be charged. Failure of the District to submit a bill shall not excuse the member from their obligation to pay charges assessed. Duplicate billings shall not be furnished by the Authority. Failure to receive a bill shall not exempt any customer from accruing a penalty for late payment. The presentation of a bill to the customer is only a matter of accommodation and not a waiver of this rule.



             If you have a break in your service line, shut off your water at your shut off valve. If you do not have a shut off valve, call our office and we will shut the water off at the meter, there will be a nominal fee of $25.00 during regular business hours and $45.00 for after hours. Then you need to fix the leak as soon as possible. You will also be required to install a shut off valve at the meter on your side if you do not have one.

         If you suspect a leak in the main line, please call the office as soon as possible. We will send an operator out to inspect it and get a repair crew out if necessary. Please help us, and remember that water leaks cost every one of us money!


Leak Adjustments

         Occasionally Customers of the Authority have the misfortune of incurring a leak in their water service line to the extent that a very high bill is accumulated. The Board of Directors has established a policy to adjust abnormal bills as a result of a service line leakage. The formula for adjusting the Customer’s bill as follows:


         Pay the average of the previous three (3) months bills, plus one-half of the water leaked over this average at the current rate per one thousand gallons, for the month the leak occurred.


         It is imperative the leak be repaired immediately, as the adjustment on the bill will be allowed for only one month, and only one occurrence. Any subsequent claim for adjustment shall be referred to the Board of Directors.



For After Hours Emergencies call: 636-0243


Also, please know that as part of a public water system in the State of Arkansas, all new plumbing, alteration, repairs, relocation, replacement, and additions to existing plumbing systems must be installed and inspected in accordance with the Arkansas Plumbing Code 2006 requirements and any additional BCWD#1  plumbing requirements. The BCWD#1 is required by the Arkansas Department of Health to enforce these plumbing requirements. The purpose of the plumbing code requirements is to provide minimum standards to safeguard life or limb, health, property and public welfare by regulating and controlling the design, construction, installation, quality of materials, location, operation and maintenance or use of plumbing equipment and systems. 


In accordance with the by-laws of BCWD #1 PWA, each member has a right to express his/her choice for nomination of a candidate for the Board of Directors. This year, 2023, is a year for One(1) candidates to be elected. A blank petition, for the purpose of expressing your choice, is included with this notice. Each petition submitted must be:

1)  Limited to one nominee.

2)  Signed by at least three qualified members.

3)  Include a certification of eligibility and that the nominee is willing to serve, if elected.

4)  Filed with the Secretary of the Authority at least ten days prior to the annual meeting.

Name of Nominee: _________________________________________________

Address of Nominee: _________________________________________________

Signature of Nominee: _________________________________________________

Date:  ____________________

The undersigned members hereby nominate the above named member to be a candidate for election to the Board of Directors of Benton County Water District # 1 PWA. (You may not nominate yourself.)

Election to be held June 21, 2023

1)  Printed Name _________________________________ Date _______________    

Address ___________________________________________ Signature ____________________________________

2)  Printed Name _________________________________ Date _______________    

Address ___________________________________________ Signature ____________________________________

3)  Printed Name _________________________________ Date _______________    

Address ___________________________________________ Signature ____________________________________

I hereby certify that I am an eligible member, and agree that if elected I will serve.

Signature: ______________________________________