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Benton County Water District #1

Public Water Authority of the State of Arkansas

P.O. Box 127 • 111 East Rose St • Avoca, AR 72711 • Phone: 479-636-0002 • Fax: 479-636-7676 • email or

Water User Agreement


Account No. _____________________________            

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Service Address                                                    




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Occupant #1


Name: ___________________________________________________ 

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Phone No: ___________________________________________________ 

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Social Security No: ___________________________________________________  


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Occupant #2


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Account No. _____________________________        

(For Office Use Only)


I, ____________________________________, hereby make application to the Benton County Water District No. 1, PWA (hereinafter called BCWD #1) for water service.


I agree:

 1. To abide by all federal, state, county, local, and BCWD #1 laws, codes, rules, resolutions, and policies affecting my water service, which may be modified from time to time.

2.  To maintain in good working order the water service line from the meter to my house(s), building(s), outlets, or faucets, and all plumbing in my house(s) or building(s).

3.  Once water passes through the meter, it is my responsibility to pay for the water.

4.  Bills will be sent out on, or before the 1st day of each month. All bills will be due by the close of business on the 10th day of each month. If the 10th falls on a weekend or holiday, the bill will be due the following business day, by the close of business. Bills not paid by due date; will be considered past due and a late penalty shall be applied. If the gross bill is not paid by the close of business on the 20th day of each month, unless the 20th falls on a holiday or weekend, then the close of the next business day, water service shall be disconnected and a lock meter charge fee shall be applied. Failure of the District to submit a bill shall not excuse the member from their obligation to pay charges assessed. Duplicate billings shall not be furnished by the Authority. Failure to receive a bill shall not exempt any customer from accruing a penalty for late payment. The presentation of a bill to the customer is only a matter of accommodation and not a waiver of this rule.

5. I also understand that for my service to be resumed, full payment of my bill must be made during normal office hours of 8 a.m. to 

4 p.m.  If reconnection is necessary during non-business hours an additional service charge will be required.



         HOMEOWNER     $100.00_________

         RENTER                $150.00_________

           1” METER              $250.00_________

         2” METER              $500.00_________

         3” METER              $1000.00_________


             ACTIVATION FEE        $20.00________

 DATE OF ACTIVATION:__________________________